The Mean Girls Book Tag


Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in a little while, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks! I’d like to thank Reg over at She Latitude for tagging me! I’ve been very excited to do this book tag and now i’ve finally got round to doing it.

So without further ado…

One: Which fictional character’s names did you get completely wrong?


I still to this day, even after watching the movie adaptation, cannot think how ‘Tuohy’ is pronounced only if I am to hear someone say it. This surname is Leigh Annetumblr_malxhf52W01qfe58lo1_250.gif Tuohy’s from The Blind Side by Michael Lewis. This gif is literally how i feel towards myself every time I forget how their surname is pronounced, funnily enough it’s taken from the
movie adaptation. Can I just say, Sandra Bullock is absolutely flawless!!


Two: Which character would you like to place in a fictional world from another book or series?


I would love to place Celia Bowen from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern in the Harry Potter series. I’m sure her natural magical abilities would come in great use to help fight off Voldermort and other baddies within the series!

Three: Repetition. Repetition. Which book gave you déjà vu of another book whilst reading it?


In all honesty, I haven’t come across any books I have read that have given me déjà vu, but that’s not to say that in the near future I might come across one of these books. If and when I come across a book that gives me déjà vu, I will post about it.

Four: Which book gave you the complete opposite of girl power feels?

Once again, I don’t think I have come across a book which has given me these feels.


Five: Name a character you felt like you wanted to cheer on whilst reading.


Oh goodness, now this question has many answers that I could use! I spend so much time cheering on people when reading books it’s unreal! But as i’m only allowed to name a character I shall go with the most recent character I have come across who is Julia Crowne. I’ve just finished reading  After Anna by Alex Lake (a book review will be coming shortly!), I found myself cheering on Julia Crowne throughout nearly the entire book. Having your child kidnapped from you and then horrible events start to happen after her daughter is returned a week later. The things Julia had to go through was pretty disturbing. No thank you.

Six: How long do you typically spend at a book shop?


I normally spend between an hour to two hours if I’m alone as I can browse and browse over lots of books without being hurried along to another shop. If I have someone with me it’s probably 20-30 minutes, sometimes even less which saddens me as I could spend the whole day in a bookshop if I had no other plans or hunger needs!

Seven: Which character would have to get out a restraining order on you, if they were real?


Decisions, decisions, decisions. Lucas Graham from Crazy, Beautiful by Jessica Serra Huizenga made me asdfghgfd so hard! My imagination of him was so vivid and I’ll tell you now, he was so DAMN sexy! He was portrayed as a confident and very successful businessman, um …..hello, yes please!

Eight: Which over-hyped book were you cautious of reading?


I’m pretty cautious about any of the hyped, raging books that are most talked about at that certain time by bloggers, booktubers etc. I was very cautious of We Were Liars by E. Lockhart as there was an almighty uproar of how incredible and emotional this book is. Personally, I didn’t feel too strongly towards it and found it quite difficult to get into it near the beginning of the book. However, this book was incredibly written and when I knew when I uncovered what this book was actually about – I understood and my emotions became slightly more intact!

Nine: We all love Regina George. Name a villain you just love to hate.


Hands down, Damon Salvatore. I love-to-hate that god damn character, especially in the TV series adaptation because, ….well….. Ian Somerhalder! He makes a lot of bad decisions in his life and yet I still find myself loving that vampire. He’s a villain yet he’s not a villain, i don’t know where to stand with this guy!

Ten: Your favourite fictional parent.


I have to agree with Reg over at She Latitude on this one, Molly Weasley is by far my favourite fictional parent too! She is so kind, warm and comforting towards her family.

Eleven: What book or series would you love to catch on?


Hmm, this question made me think for a good couple of minutes. A book I would love to catch on is The Night Circus, I have seen some booktubers and bloggers talk about this book but not enough to where I think it stands. It’s such an incredible book, which I think everyone should give a try, especially if you’re into magical, fantasy type genres.

Twelve: Describe your ideal character to read about!


Confident. Strong. Diverse. Male or female. Flawed. Imperfect. Great character development throughout the book. Kicks ass. Witty. ….oops! Is this too much to ask for?

Thirteen: What do you do when a book gives you a bad case of ‘the feels’?


I rant to my mum and my boyfriend. I try to keep it low on the word vomiting as I know they have no clue what i’m really on about and they pretty much always end up tuning their ears out. Other times i’ll write a book review and more or less every time I will lie on my bed or curled up in the foetal position going over everything thatjust happened. Tea normally helps me to come back down to reality and keep me sane.

Fourteen: Which character one liners would you love to claim for your own?


Honestly, I can’t seem to think of any great one liners. Of course, there is the marvelous Ron Weasley with “Bloody hell!” which never gets old. I’m sure there are more I can think of, but for right now that’s the best i’ve got. Sorry!

Fifteen: Name a character’s decision that has made you roll your eyes.


There will always be that character who will make you roll your eyes from their silly decision making. I don’t have a specific character in mind right now but there is bound to be one out there.

Here are the people I have tagged:

Once again, thank you so much to Reg for tagging me in this awesome book tag! I hope you guys enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun answering the questions (I managed to answer).

Happy reading,

Claire 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Mean Girls Book Tag

  1. Thanks for tagging me! I’ll definitely be doing this one, I love Mean Girls 🙂 I completely know where you’re coming from with the Damon thing haha – he does all of these super shady things but you can’t help but love him anyway. Come to think of it, that seems to be how I end up feeling about all of the villains in TVD actually. Every time they introduce a new one, I think they’re so evil, but end up loving them eventually. The exact same thing happened with Klaus.

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