January Wrap Up

I’m really happy that I’ve managed to kick this year off with reading a couple of books in January. I didn’t think this month would be as hectic but January, you surprised me and ended up being rather busy!

This month I have read two books and started a third (which I finished yesterday, so close to keeping it within the month of January but not close enough!)

These were:

  • Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
  • Cress by Marissa Meyer
  • Winter by Marissa Meyer (such a huuuuuuge book!)

As you can see I kept to the Lunar Chronicles series throughout January, so it was full of fantasy goodness! I loved this series so damn FRICKIN’ much! I really can’t fault Marissa Meyer at all, especially with Winter. That book was adventurous, thrilling and jam packed with lots of events! (I shall be doing a book review on Winter shortly).

I have already started my next book which I received through Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest review, called Relativity by Antonia Hayes. I’ve read just under 100 pages so far today and WOW! Hayes’ writing is breathtakingly beautiful, I’m finding it quite difficult to put this book down unless I really have to.

Speak soon,


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