I am so so sorry, for the followers who used to read my posts and then to suddenly stop seeing anything from me. I am so sorry I have been out of the loop of writing book reviews.

Unfortunately, I have dedicated my time this year to reading books (my new personal record in a year!) or just simply busy from working and my general life.

I really want to get back into the swing of blogging again, as I start out at the beginning of the year on top of everything but as soon as we hit the second or third month of the year things start to go downhill.

With Christmas around the corner I really want to start permanently but I know it’s going to be a struggle. I’m going to be a part of Christmas Readathon group via Goodreads and am looking to post about my progression and pick up with my book reviews too.

I hope you’ll be seeing more of me very soon!

Thank you,

Claire ☺️

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