Thank you so much!!

I can’t thank each and everyone one of you enough! I have reached 200+ followers and I feel completely overwhelmed by this!

I don’t feel like I deserve all of you as I’ve found it hard over the past couple of years to publish posts, which is completely down to my own time as life simply took over and although I always have a book in my hands whenever I can, I left my blog behind.

I really hope to bring you great content about book reviews and other bookish ideas!

Thank you so much again everyone, have a great day!

Happy reading,

Claire 🎄

20 thoughts on “Thank you so much!!

      1. Honestly, I have no idea how all you lovely people have stood by me especially when hardly blogging at all for the past two years, I just know I’m going to be making it a more frequent appearance with good content (I hope!)

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      2. Hmmm maybe is more personality and good quality than cuantity?? I am trying to do that too!! :3 to post more and stuff! I have been having ideas for posts and all haha

        I hope you could make it happen! I will be waiting :3

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