June Wrap Up

I had a feeling June was going to be my busiest month and I was absolutely right! My month consisted of the following events:

  • Rich’s birthday which fell on the 10km Race for Life event I took part in with his Auntie (so that was a really busy day!):
  • I went to see Matilda the Musical with my friend Sam which was brilliant and I highly recommend it to everyone especially if you enjoyed the book and movie!
  • Sorting both my current home and future flat out. My mum and stepdad are moving from our family home this year and so we’ve had to try and do up the house and make sure everything is okay and that it’s presentable to potential buyers, so my stuff has literally been divided into different rooms which makes it a lot harder to find some of the things that I might need on a day-to-day basis! I’ve got to grips with where the majority of my stuff is now so that’s okay. However, Rich and I are looking to move into our first flat together so it’s been really hectic waiting for our offer to be accepted on a property that we like (it did!) and now we’re sorting our mortgage and Solicitors out so we can move in ASAP!
  • Travelling up to Liverpool to see my favourite band LANY with my sister Emma. Although the majority of the two days we had in liverpool were spent travelling via coach, we had such an incredible time! To commemorate the end of album one, the self-titled album LANY, my sister and I both got a tattoo of their rose. This band holds such a big place in my heart and their music has resonated with me in such a special way, these boys are definitely going to go super far (for those who are familiar with LANY and their song titles, that bold lettering is for you). I hope some of you guys decide to check them out if you haven’t already. See below for a photo of the gig and my new tattoo:

  • My sister, Emma’s, Hen Do weekend, this was so so SO much fun! Although my eldest sister, Sophie and I who planned the entire thing felt very responsible and scared that things were going to go wrong. Only one thing went wrong with the whole weekend so that was a huge success on our shoulders, however knowing that we were scammed by a cocktail making company is not as they managed to take a deposit from us but fingers crossed we’ll be able to speak with PayPal about the situation. Here is a photo of the hen and her bridesmaids, from left to right: Sophie, Amy, Emma and me:

Now that my personal part of my life is out of the way, let’s briefly talk about books. I managed to read three books throughout the month of June.

These included:

  • The Fifth Era of Man by Joshua Banker, I gave two out of five stars for this book ⭐️⭐️ – click here for the full book review
  • Destroying Their God: How I Fought My Evil Half-Brother to Save My Children by Wallace Jeffs (with Shauna Parker and Sherry Taylor), I gave four out of five stars for this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – click here for the full book review
  • Ash Rising by Katya Lebeque, I gave four out of five stars for this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ – click here for the full book review

I am really behind with my reading and book reviews so I’m hoping July will allow me some time to read more and post more, but we shall see how our moving out chapter of our lives goes!

At the moment I am still reading Between the Shades and the Shadows by Coleman Alexander, I am really enjoying the concept of this story but am finding it quite difficult to read through.

How many books did you read in the month of June? Which one, if you can pick, was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire 📚

6 thoughts on “June Wrap Up

  1. I bet Matilda was good – sadly I missed it when it came to Australia last year 😦 I had a very busy month too except its freezing cold here in Melbourne, I’m desperately missing summer!

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      1. The heat really depends – If you go to Western and central Australia and the desert you’ll find extreme temperatures. The North is topical too but I live in the south where we are a lot closer to Antarctica and our winters are really harsh. We say down in Melbourne that it is the city of four seasons in one day because not only does it get cold enough to snow but the weather is really unpredictable and ever changing.

        Our official spring starts in september but Melbourne doesn’t warm up until mid october. Summer is soooooo hot – basically one extreme or the other haha there is literally no inbetween. But Melbourne is beautiful in the Autumn. The late start to summer means it lasts longer and we can still go to the beach in April. Bizarre weather aside though Melbourne is such a beautiful city- the arts center of Australia. You’ll definatly have to add it to your bucket list! 🙂

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