Happy New Year!

I cannot believe we’ve entered 2019 and it’s already the 2nd January! Wishing you all had a wonderful 2018 and an even better 2019!

Last year on my Happy New Year blog post I published the following goals that I was hoping to achieve. These were:

  • Moving out with my other half (fingers crossed!) – Unfortunately, Rich and I are still in full battle mode with trying to move out, we started looking for a flat in March 2018, from then we have had our offer accepted three times however the first two didn’t turn out too great and now we’re struggling to complete with our latest flat we’ve laid eyes on. All of the paperwork has gone through we’re just waiting on the management/leasehold company but it is taking a very long time and it looks like there will not a light at the end of the tunnel, but we are pushing and holding onto the hope we have left, although we understand that we may have to pull out if things do not speed up during the month of January.
  • Saving up as much money as I possibly can – I am so proud of the amount of money I have managed to save between the beginning of 2018 to now. Both Rich and I have exceeded the amount we were looking to originally save up to and are in a great position if/when we can move out!
  • Read lots of books; a lot of books which I already have in my possession that I haven’t read yet – ……yes I managed to read a total of 51 books in 2018 which I am immensely proud of myself for however the majority of those books were from publishers and authors that were sent to me.
  • Spend a lot of time with both mine and my other half’s families – I feel as though I succeeded this goal and will continue to do so, sometimes life can get in the way and you become busy to see family members, but I have definitely seen a huge amount of both mine and Rich’s family this past year.
  • Work hard in my job to see what opportunities lie ahead – I have definitely worked hard this year and became a part of a different team within my original team (that sounds confusing) and have kept an eye out for different opportunities that are out there, nothing has tickled my fancy just yet but I will be looking.
  • Learn to cook and bake more – I would say that I have experienced in a couple of different recipes but not as much as I would have liked to.

Now for my goals I would like to achieve in 2019:

  • Move out with Rich
  • Learn to cook and bake more
  • Find a new job which is challenging and exciting
  • Invest in a new car
  • Be healthy and fit in both food and exercise
  • Spend more time with mine and Rich’s families
  • Read even more books than 2018

So much has happened in 2018, majority have been downs but there have definitely been special memories I will cherish, such as: my sister falling pregnant (who is due July 2019), going on holiday to Prague with Rich and my two besties, Claire and James, being more social with my work colleagues, going to Centre Parcs with my family and much more!

I can only hope 2019 will bring happiness, adventure and positive vibes.

Wishing you all had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day!

Happy reading,

Claire ☺️


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