Eternity’s Echoes by Evan Hirson Book Review

Book Description (via Goodreads): Aaron was a promising software designer with an upcoming company. He shared a quaint house on the outskirts of town with his best friends; another young man and two girls. They’d known each other since school, and lived together peacefully for years with a few problems. Travis the newcomer however had a dark way about him, and all of Aaron’s attempts to get along with him had failed. But just as the household began to settle down again, a strange device with a peculiar attitude entered their lives. Would it fulfill all of their dream, or instead become a curse?

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I have given Eternity’s Echoes by Evan Hirson two out of five stars ⭐️⭐️

This book revolves around five characters; Kim, Mara, Aaron, Jay and newcomer Travis. They discover a device which turns out to have something to do with time travel. We follow these five characters and a time travelling device which takes them on a whirlwind of an adventure which dramatically becomes a matter of life or death.

I really enjoyed Hirsons’ writing throughout this book as I found the conversations the characters had with one antithetical entertaining and also though this book was well-descriptive in parts.

The concept Hirson had developed was an interesting one and I would have wanted to explore deeper into the story, but it was difficult to try and do that with only 149 pages of this book (no wonder I managed to finish it within a day!).

I found myself trying to guess the plot twists of the book however, every guess I managed to come up with was wrong. I liked this about Eternity’s Echoes because if I am able to guess correctly what will come next, I personally, start to dislike what I’m reading as it then makes it too easy and becomes a huge anti-climax for the reader.

This book had a lot of potential to work with but overall I felt that the story was rushed, had very underdeveloped characters and missed out on a lot of scenes that could have been explained and detailed better. Furthermore, I definitely think the book cover could have been a lot better, as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of creativity and imagination that’s gone into it.

I really hope that the author takes time to focus on building a development with his characters in the next book so the reader can create a relationship with them.

Have you read Eternity’s Echoes by Evan Hirson? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire 📚

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