Dark Chains by LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton Book Review

Book Description (via Goodreads): Dark Chains is an inspirational and spiritual autobiography about a misguided young girl who struggles to survive mental, emotional, and physical abuse. Plagued by decades of pain, mental illness and generational curses. She enters a life without God at a young age, and finds herself infatuated with the idea of escaping and never returning to the abusive life she once was subjected, manipulated and conditioned to living in. This book was created to help young girls and boys who are going down a dark path, it is meant to open minds and change their perspectives for the greater. It was created to help overcome the pain and anger endured from a dysfunctional family and lifestyle in order to become who God initially wanted them to be. This book will heal the wounds of mentally and emotionally hurt families who aren’t aware that they’ve been conditioned to live immorally due to the pains that plagued them and the many generations that came before them. It is a read from an author who can easily relate to those who inhabit a lost soul and a broken heart. It is inspiring and will create understanding and hope to many and create a positive pattern for many more to come.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I have given Dark Chains by LaTasha “Tacha B.” Braxton five out of five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One of the most heartfelt, saddening yet strong memoirs I have ever read. This book follows a young girl to becoming a woman. Along her journey we find out about her dark and terrible growing up conditions to abusive relationships which may need to be seen as trigger warnings towards readers. This is a very deep and emotional book however there is power and strength seen within the pages too.

I had to put this book down every so often because there was only so much I could take in due to the painful moments which unraveled throughout the story. Although the book is full of upsetting and horrific scenes, the authors writing is simply wonderful, down to earth and engaging. Through an through this book is uplifting and inspiring to read over the events this strong woman went through and to see her come out in a positive light.

I’d definitely recommend reading this book with breaks in between as per the gruelling events which take place throughout. I enjoyed following Braxton’s journey from girlhood to womanhood and am so happy to see that she is now helping to better the lives of younger children who are experiencing similar situations.

Stories like these definitely put life into perspective and make you take a step back to realise and appreciate all of the good you have in your life.

Have you read Dark Chains? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire 📚

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