The Forgotten One by Debbra Lynn Book Review

Book Description (via Goodreads): Olivia Duncan was left tormented with the tragic murder of her brother Marcus. She knew that it was because she struggled most of her life with an unrelenting mental illness, that nobody in her life believed her when she tried to tell them the real murderer was right in front of them the whole time. It wasn’t until Olivia met Zoe Cardell, the beautiful young bartender whom she instantly began to fall I. Love with that finally Olivia found someone who truly understood her, and more importantly someone who didn’t think she was crazy. One fateful afternoon, everything changed for Olivia. One irresistible opportunity presented itself and Olivia knew she had to take it. The time had come to finally get the answers she had been so desperately searching for. And with Zoe by her side, it was time to prove to everyone that she had been right all along. It was time to prove to everyone who actually murdered her brother Marcus. 5 days, 5 long days in the isolated woods of California, Olivia Donovan would slowly begin to unravel, but it was here she would finally hear the truth. Surrounded by silence and an eerie calmness inside a small family cabin, the inevitable would happen. Secrets would be dug from the depths of their hiding places, and everyone involved would soon face the truth. Truth that would tragically change their lives forever.

I have received this book in exchange for an honest review. I have given The Forgotten One by Debbra Lynn five out of five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

There are warnings in this book for explicit language and steamy sexual interaction scenes.

A round of applause for Debbra Lynn is in order, for creating such a brilliant trilogy! Lynn tied the third instalment to the Hollywood Lies trilogy perfectly. I could barely put this book down, let alone the whole series, and really enjoyed every conversation, thrilling event and character I came across. It’s a very gripping novel which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

I really loved how Lynn focuses on telling the stories of Olivia Donovan and Detective Keller’s past and present in the third instalment as it really helped me understand them as characters a lot more, especially with some of the things that they did within the books. That’s definitely one of the biggest parts I’ve enjoyed so much about this series, which has really helped the story to grow and build into something huge, due to the connection you start to understand, learn and love about each character. I always say that having a connection with characters is such an important part in a book and I stand by that 100%.

The twists and turns were predictable at times so I knew what was to going to happen but, there were also some parts where I was completely shocked and didn’t have a clue at the events that were unravelling before my very eyes. Lynn’s writing style really engages the reader into the story with suspenseful events and thrilling conversation cliffhanger moments. Lynn managed to answer many of my unanswered questions that I had from both the first and second books in this series, which I am very thankful for as there is nothing worse than finishing either a book or a series and having so many questions that need to be answered but you know sometimes that they never will be. Luckily this wasn’t the case and I came away from this series with a heavy sigh of relief as well as coming out from a mysterious, thrilling journey.

I can’t thank Debbra Lynn enough for giving me this opportunity to read her incredible trilogy and I look forward to keeping an eye out for other material (I hope) she’ll bring out in the future!

Have you read The Forgotten One by Debbra Lynn? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire 📚

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