After We Collided by Anna Todd Book Review

Book Description (via Goodreads): Tessa has everything to lose. Hardin has nothing to lose; except her. Life will never be the same… After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship, Tessa and Hardin were on the path to making things work. Tessa knew Hardin could be cruel, but when a bombshell revelation is dropped about the origins of their relationship – and Hardin’s mysterious past – Tessa is beside herself. Hardin will always be Hardin. But is he really the deep, thoughtful guy Tessa fell madly in love with despite his angry exterior; or has he been a stranger all along? She wishes she could walk away. It’s just not that easy. Not with the memory of passionate nights spent in his arms. His electric touch. His hungry kisses… Still, Tessa’s not sure she can endure one more broken promise. She put so much on hold for Hardin – school, friends, her mom, a relationship with a guy who really loved her, and now possibly even a promising new career. She needs to move forward with her life. Hardin knows he made a mistake, possibly the biggest one of his life. He’s not going down without a fight. But can he change? Will he change… for love?

I have given After We Collided by Anna Todd five out of five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hardin and Tessa continue their journey of great highs and terrible lows and I have never felt more invested in a fictional relationship since Twilight! My emotions have been pulled, twisted and trampled on. I’ve been left with an open wound thanks to Anna Todd’s cliffhangers at the end of each book. Once again, Todd has left me wanting so much more from this toxic relationship!

Once again, Anna Todd has left me wanting so much more from this toxic relationship! I found it so difficult to put this book down and now I have no choice but to wait until I can continue to carry on reading this steamy, toxic relationship because I only ordered the rest of the book series at the end of last week, they should be arriving at the end of the week (I hope!). I need to know what happens ASAP!

After We Collided picks straight back up from the moment we’re finished with After, no gaps of events, no chunks missing of information just simply delving straight back into the whirlwind of Hardin and Tessa’s relationship. Only this time, we get chapters from both Hardin and Tessa’s POV, in the first book we only get to understand the relationship from one side, Tessa’s. I think it was very clever of Anna Todd to split the chapters between Hardin and Tessa as it was so important to read events which happen from Hardin’s point of view as well. You get to see him in a whole different light and Tessa too. Multiple narratives makes everything more fairly-rounded and helps the reader to not judge the opposing character as much, as you’re able to read all about their thoughts.

There’s no doubt about it, I definitely prefer the books to the movies. Especially due to the amount of extra detail we get to absorb about the secondary characters, story line and twists. It makes me even more excited to pick up the rest of the series. Although it feels like the movies are keeping to the majority of the story line in the books, there are so many events that happen in the books which the movies completely avoided which I was quite surprised by as there are other love interests which I think should have had airtime and become a part of the on screen experience.

There is so much negativity surrounding this series and although I can understand why a lot of people are upset with how they believe this series is glamourising toxicity and abusive relationships, I’d like to think that it’s showing the change in which people can do. Trying to be better, trying to change for the better for not only their partners but for themselves as well. I’m hoping the third book will really outshine the abuse and toxicity (fingers crossed!) as Hardin and Tessa are so so so good when they’re good and it makes my heart do a little flutter when you get to see the glimpse of “shy” Hardin and his soft side. I really hope if you pick up this page-turning series, you feel the same way and that you get to enjoy their relationship (for what it is).

If you really want to feel immersed in the world of Hardin and Tessa I would recommend (if you have Spotify) to search ‘Hardin Scott Playlist’, to all of the people who have created on of these playlists, thank you. The lyrics really spoke to me about their relationship and it made everything even more emotional, which I didn’t think was possible.

I would recommend this series of books to anyone who enjoys reading new adult books with complicated love interests, steamy and intimate scenes in a college/university setting.

Have you read or watched the movie adaptation of After We Collided by Anna Todd? If so to either of these, what did you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading,

Claire 📚

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